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The top symptoms of dirty ducts

• Flakes of dust, cobwebs, and debris, or noticeable particles entering your rooms through the registers

• Strange discoloration near the vents

• Molds spotted on inside surfaces of ducts. Remember any black patch is not mold growth. You will need to send a patch of it on a sticky tape to nearby microbiological laboratory to confirm if it is mold.

• Droppings and urine of rodents and vermin in your ducts

• Moreover, if you house has undergone remodelling or renovation, then a good amount of dust has accumulated in your ducts for sure.

• If you are buying a house it is always a good idea to get the ducts cleaned before you enter it. It will prevent you from smelling someone else’s pet dander

Why should you opt for duct cleaning?

• Cleaning the ducts removes the dust that stick to the inner surface. As result the dust and debris on the ducts will not shed into your living space.

• Cleaning the ducts increases the efficiency of HVAC almost by 40%. If you ducts are made of fiberglass you must clean them from time to time as they are prone to gather more dust than sheet metal.

Require a good duct cleaner. Well, browse the top names on our website. The cleaners will render a comprehensive service that goes beyond mere cleaning. They will seal or repair the present duct work. If your ductwork in really bad state, they will design and install a new ductwork for better efficiency. They will do any required treatment to restore you ducts back to a perfect health!

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