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Blog Title: Is hydronic heating more efficient than forecd ar?
Is hydronic heating more efficient than forecd ar?
Category: Central Heating And Air Post By: Peter Reynolds (Raleigh, NC), 09/19/2016

"Hydronic system, if designed correctly and installed well, can be more efficient than forced-air system. They do not lead to loss of heat as happens in forced air system. They also do not require blowers to circulate hot air into the rooms. However, some systems may have a large pumping requirement, which reduces efficiency. Hydronic system also does not depend much on a working fluid as water is dense and is a better good conductor of heat than air. As a result warmth is easily and evenly distributed throughout the house. Forced air systems create a pressure which pushes heat through nooks and crannies of the house. In the insulation of the house is in poor state, the energy loss can be conspicuous."

- Fred Becall (Tampa, FL), 09/25/2016
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