A/C Ailments: What You Should Know About the Most Common Complaints

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you comfortable during the long San Antonio cooling season, and it can pay–in terms of energy savings and system longevity–to make sure that your equipment is properly maintained. An annual tune-up can go a long way toward preventing common A/C problems. A tune-up is generally recommended for the start of the cooling season, but if you haven’t had one done yet, it’s never too late.

Refrigerant leaks

When your air conditioner was installed, it was given a refrigerant charge according the manufacturer’s specifications. If your system isn’t cooling effectively or it’s icing up, low refrigerant could be the culprit, and you might have a leak. A qualified HVAC technician will find the leak and seal it. Then he will top off your system with refrigerant.

Dust buildup

Over time, dust builds up in your system. During a tune-up, your technician will clean the components of your system. Between tune-ups, you can minimize dust buildup by checking your air filter monthly and replacing it when it’s dirty. Also keep the area around your outside unit free of debris.

Electric control failure

Corrosion of your system’s wires and terminals can cause your air conditioner to break down. An annual tune-up includes checking for corrosion, tightening the electrical connections and testing the fan and compressor controls.

Drainage problems

Especially during periods of high humidity, the drain leading from your condensate pan under the evaporator coil may become clogged and overflow. Your condensate drain will be flushed during your annual maintenance visit.

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