Duct Cleaning Checklist

It is not a big deal to contact a duct cleaner to get your ducts cleaned. If you take look at the yellow pages or any paper that contains advertisements of various services then you will find a milling population of them listed there. It is not easy to handpick the best one of them. That needs sizing them up from various perspectives, say experience, knowhow, client feedback, license, insurance and many more A crucial task that many homeowners often ignore while hiring duct cleaners is to ask them some question whose answers will speak a volume about their dexterity and understanding. Here are some questions that you should ask the cleaning service before hiring them-

• Do you see contaminants in my ducts? (This can range from gunk, mold, mildew to rodents and vermin).
• Can you produce a confirming report that describes the types of contaminants and their quantity? (If they suspect of active mold growth in your ducts then there should be report from lab which confirms that mold is indeed growing in your ducts)
• Can these contaminants reach my leaving space form the ducts?
• Will you be able to detect the source of the contaminants and eliminate it from the roots?
• Is duct cleaning the only solution and also the most cost effective one?

• Could you give me references of your past clients?
• Do you hold a license?(Check if you state requires duct cleaners to hold a license)
• Do you have liability insurance to cover the damage in case they are created while cleaning the ducts?
• What kind of equipment and procedures will you use to clean up my ducts?
• What precautions will you take to protect my HVAC equipment, other belongings, and the occupants of the space during cleaning?
• Will you give a guarantee that the duct will be clean after completion?
• Do you abide by the regulations of NADCA?
• What are your service charges and how long will you take to accomplish the task?





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