Make Your Ducts Free Of Rodents

Houses infested with rodents could be one of the most expensive and difficult to remove infestations. The dens of these obnoxious critters often go unnoticed until they have caused significant damages. The air ducts, crawl spaces, attics, and cavities around water pipes are prime real estates for rodents. Ducts are used by them to get into house. They use them to reach the various areas of house. You will find them in the most modern, healthy and sterile homes. A rodent-infested house can cause a number of diseases to its inmates such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, rat-bite Fever, Salmonellosis, plague, tick fever, and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

However you can do certain things at you end to get your ducts free of them –

• One of the old ways which is effective even today is setting traps. You can open the grilles of the duct and set a trap at each vent. There are quite a few options in mouse traps that you can use here. They are spring-load traps, spin traps or live-catch traps. Place an attractive piece of food such as cheese, dried fruits or peanut butter to have the mouse drawn to the snare. Check the traps daily for a dead mouse. Once they are caught remove them, and reset the trap with new bait.

• Ducts are used by mice to get into the house. They access ducts through openings, gaps in the roof, wall vents, foundations and other locations. Spot any such holes and place a mesh made of wires to prevent access.

• Get your ducts cleaned by professional AC ducts cleaning agency, if they get infested with their droppings, urine, feces, and carcass etc. Ensure that that the urine trails of the rats should be eliminated by using appropriate solutions. Otherwise rats will trace them to find their way back to your ducts.

• Rodents can cause significant damage to HVAC ducts by creating holes in them. This can cause moisture and dirt to get into your ducts and lead to significant loss of energy. Call an AC ducts cleaning and repair service provider to clean your ducts and do the necessary repair.





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