Staying Ahead of Summer Heat Gain

The long, hot San Antonio summer takes a toll on your air conditioner, which works hard 24/7 to keep you cool. As the sun beats down on your house, unwanted heat enters your rooms through conduction, making your cooling system work even harder to keep you comfortable. This summer heat gain reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner and raises your cooling costs. These tips can help you combat heat gain and preserve the life of your system.

Exterior paint

Dark colors on your home’s exterior absorb up to 90 percent of the sun’s radiant energy, much of which enters your home. When your house is due for a paint job, opt for a light color, which will deflect most of the heat.

Interior paint

Surprisingly, the color of the walls even inside your home can make a difference in heat gain. Interior walls all along your home’s envelope should be painted a light color. As with exterior walls, dark colors absorb more heat than light colors and can reduce the longevity of your siding or exterior paint.


Much of the unwanted heat in your home enters through your windows. Reflective coatings on your windows can keep your house cooler. Sun-control films work best in climates like San Antonio’s, as they reflect up to 80 percent of the sunlight coming through the windows.


Regardless of how light or dark your roof is, that’s where about a third of the heat gain in your home takes place. Reflective coatings, available at your home-improvement store, can be applied to your roof with a paint roller to considerably reduce the heat coming through the attic. White latex coatings work with most roofing materials, while asphalt-based coatings are used for metal and asphalt roofs.

Beyer Boys is dedicated to the year-round comfort of San Antonio residents. For more expert advice about combating summer heat gain, please feel free to contact us.

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