Weighing the Cost Benefits of Central Air Conditioning Vs. Window Units

If you are going to stay cool and comfortable in San Antonio this summer, you need to have an air-conditioner. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right one, but first you need to decide on the type of air conditioner that best meets your needs. Although it might be less expensive initially to install a window, you shouldn’t overlook the long-term cost benefits of central air conditioning.

Room air conditioners The advantages of going with a window air conditioner include less energy usage in small spaces and the ability to quickly cool an individual room. For a single person or a couple — especially those who are renting or are on a tight budget — this might be all that’s needed. But window units can be noisy and less effective than central air conditioners in hot, humid climates like San Antonio. Larger window air conditioners sometimes require additional wiring, which your home may not be able to accommodate.

Central air conditioners

If your home already has the components for an HVAC system, like ductwork and a furnace, you can avoid the hassle of coordinating the cooling efforts of window units by installing a high-efficiency central air conditioner. While the upfront cost might scare you off, remember, the federal government has reinstated the 25C tax credits. You could qualify for a $300 tax credit. In addition, there are many new technologies that make central air conditioning a better option for homeowners who are looking for energy efficiency and long term savings. You can also control your central air system with programmable thermostat that can be customized to your family’s unique needs, keeping your entire house cool and comfortable while maximizing energy savings.

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