When A/C Coils Get Dusty, Trouble Is Sure to Follow

There’s a lot that goes into keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape during San Antonio’s summer cooling season. For starters, keeping it free of dirt and dust is key to keeping it running efficiently and reliably throughout the season. A/C coils get dusty as time passes, which means you should have them cleaned regularly as a part of your normal maintenance regimen.

How do coils work?

The average air conditioning system has a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil absorbs heat from the indoor air blown over the coil by the blower fan. Heat is then transferred to the condenser coil, where it’s expelled as another fan blows outdoor air over the coil’s surface. This way, the air conditioner effectively cools your home.

What happens when coils get dusty?

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate on both coils. As a result, the heat transfer can’t take place effectively, because air cannot flow over the coils as intended. This can cause your air conditioner to run harder and use more energy, lowering efficiency in the process. For example:

  • Dirty coils can cause your system to use up to 37 percent more energy.
  • Dirty coils also reduce your system’s cooling capacity by up to 30 percent.
  • Airflow blockages caused by dirty coils can lead to a rise in compressor operating temperature and pressure, eventually culminating in equipment failure.

Taking care of dirty coils

When your A/C coils get dusty, it’s time to have them cleaned. If there’s a light coating of dust on the coils, low-pressure compressed air or a soft bristle brush usually suffices. Otherwise, it’s best to have a seasoned HVAC technician come in and clean the coils.

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