Why Your Terrific Split Air Conditioning System Requires a Perfect Match

If you have a split air conditioning system, you might not think much about how it actually works. It shares parts with your furnace, and it has two components. If you upgrade one component without considering the other, you could end up with an inefficient system — and an A/C that doesn’t last long.

What is a split air conditioning system?

It’s fairly easy to understand the nature of a split air conditioning system. An outdoor condenser and an indoor evaporator work together to generate cooling. Because these components are separate, it’s called a split air conditioning system. The indoor unit also powers your furnace. Certain issues can arise when you’re upgrading your system. For example, you would run into problems down the line if you were to:

  • Upgrade the furnace without considering whether it matched he capacity of the condenser.
  • Upgrade the condenser without giving thought to whether it worked with the indoor unit.

On the surface, it might seem cost effective to replace one component and not the other if one — the condenser, for example — required a costly repair, while the other — say the evaporator — was still running. But to ensure optimal return on investment, your technician should carefully assess the condition of the entire system and ensure that the components match.

Matching components

In the long run, improperly matched components place undue stress on the entire system. This is particularly true when it comes to the coils. Coils manufactured today are much more efficient, generating higher rates of heat transfer than previous-generation coils. Improperly matched coils eventually cause the overworked system to fail, a scenario no owner of a new split air conditioning system wants to experience.

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