Your High-Efficiency A/C: How 4 Installation Factors Will Influence Its Performance

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio of your high-efficiency A/C has been determined by laboratory testing. A laboratory setting allows an A/C to run under ideal conditions. Technicians can ensure that ducts are tightly sealed, the system’s airflow settings are optimized, the refrigerant is charged correctly, and the system is properly sized.

In the real world, a high-efficiency A/C is subject to the conditions in which it’s installed. The good news is that you can largely control the conditions in your home. Your technician should check the following factors when he’s installing your high-efficiency A/C, as they promote optimal performance:

  • Ductwork — Your A/C produces cool air, but your ductwork is responsible for delivering it. If your ductwork leaks, allows energy loss or isn’t properly sized, the efficiency of your A/C will decrease dramatically. Sealing and insulating your ducts can significantly reduce energy losses and boost A/C efficiency.
  • Airflow — With insufficient airflow over the coils, your A/C won’t achieve the cooling capacity your home requires. Your technician should ensure that the ducts are the right size, the system is designed to optimize the airflow, and the grille locations and size are correct. In general, your technician should ensure 400 cubic feet of air per minute for every ton of conditioning.
  • Refrigerant — The refrigerant in the A/C is responsible for transferring heat. If there’s too little, the refrigerant won’t be able to remove the vast amounts of heat from your home, and you’ll be left with too little cooling. During installation, your technician should check the charge, adjusting it as necessary.
  • Size — Proper sizing goes hand-in-hand with an efficient system. Improperly sized A/Cs lead to problems like poor dehumidification, high energy costs, repairs and a shorter service life. Your technician should use the Manual J method to calculate the cooling load of your home and then follow Manual S to match the system’s size to that load.

An optimized installation ensures that your high-efficiency A/C will perform to its potential. To schedule an expert installation, contact Beyer Boys. We’ve served greater San Antonio since 1990.

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